ENCHANTED INSIGHTS RED, English Instruction by Peter Wallace


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Wow your spectators with this a typical, marked deck of MAIDEN BACKxc2xae design playing cards. This deck is available in red and blue, and its instructions are available in ENGLISH, FRENCH, JAPANESE, KOREAN, SPANISH and ITALIAN.

A United States Playing Card Company MAIDEN BACKxc2xae custom design deck of marked playing cards.


The identification of this deck is not based on observed markings. Missing markings reveal a cards identity.


A card’s marking is at either end of the card to help you quickly identify its value and suit. A clear and simple Reference Chart inside helps you quickly become familiar with every card in the deck.


This deck of playing cards can be used as a magical deck or a regular deck to play regular card games.


There is no need for set up, sleight, force or contact! It is a deck that is instantly ready to amaze the moment it comes out of the box.


You choose the best location to perform this effect that matches your style. High impact settings can be restaurants, coffee shops, trade shows, university dormitories, street performances, corporate functions, social gatherings, or home use.


MAIDEN BACKxc2xae design, and all other MAIDEN BACKxc2xae brand elements are registered trademarks of The United States Playing Card Company in the US and other countries, used here under license. xc2xa9 The United States Playing Card Company. All rights reserved.

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