Perception Shaped as a Coin by Miguel Angel Gea


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Within the pages of Perception Shaped as a Coin you will find a tightly woven web of the worlds of magic and perception drawn from the masters of magic and human mind throughout time.

Miguel Angel Gea stands on the shoulders of these giants.

Descartes. Ascanio. Da Vinci. Sawa. Conde. Tamariz. Kahneman. Goshman. Frith. Pareras. Quiroga. Schnider. Jung. Kaps.

This is just a short list of the masters of mind and magic that Miguel has travelled the world, and through centuries of written material, to study and adapt these incredible concepts to his own work.

Learn how to tackle human perception and how the brain can be manipulated. Create never-before-seen effects, learn groundbreaking techniques, and have new conversations that will enhance your craft and elevate your art.

This is Miguel’s first major book to be translated into English, and it is filled with cutting-edge thinking. In understanding these perceptual “tricks” of the mind, you will learn how to improve your magic.

In addition to theory, learn 9 technical concepts:

  • Gestalt
  • Perceptual Errors in Position
  • Changing the Position
  • Pile
  • Double Lift with Coins
  • Playing with the Number of Coins
  • Filling the Gaps
  • Visual Geometry
  • Double Actions

Within these technical concepts, you will learn fresh versions of coins across, Matrix, the copper/silver transposition and many other pieces of unique and classic coin magic.This book is the perfect companion to the Perception Shaped as a Coin DVD, as it expands on these concepts over 285 pages of personal research and detail.

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