refACE: Dani's 2nd Weapon by Dani DaOrtiz (Download)



Widely known for his seemingly cavalier and carefree style, Legendary magician Dani DaOrtiz shares the second of his “weapons” for the first time ever. Not only will you learn some fantastic tricks, but more importantly, he’ll teach all of his subtleties and techniques that take his magic to a whole different plane. Each idea in his “weapons” collection has countless applications and will provide never ending ammo for your magic repertoire.

This weapon is all about productions! Here Dani shares his techniques on producing cards from a borrowed deck, 4-of-a-kind thought of cards, or even selections. As you can imagine, the utility on having this in your repertoire will instantly elevate your card magic to the next level. Dani supplies you with different versions of his productions that covers the range from self-working to sleight of hand, so no what matter your experience level, you will find something new to add to your arsenal.

Along with his productions, Dani teaches his time-tested techniques that can be applied to more than just revelations. His hands-off approach makes it seem like nothing is happening, but as you’ll soon find out, there is so much more going on! Dani is joined by Javier Natera and Javier Fuenmayor in an extensive jam session that ensures no stone is left unturned.


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