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From David De-Val, Houdini’s very own Secret Device is now available!

This piece of apparatus enables you to make a very quick escape from any regulation real police handcuffs. This nearly made gimmick is easy to conceal and operate without skill or practice.

Not to be confused with our “Gimmick X”. This cunning new device opens a completely different range of handcuffs in common use throughout the world. Houdini originally invented this top-secret device which brought him fame and fortune. Now the David De-Val workshops have taken his idea and improved it, making it possible to open cuffs even faster!

The “Secret Device” is now completely self-contained and precision engineered to last a lifetime.

For any performer wishing to make police challenges this new gimmick is a must.

Carry both “Secret Device and Gimmick X” and you are ready for anything the police department may produce as a challenge.

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