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(Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin is a surprisingly perfect coin set.

When you have (Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin, it will be like you have both Double Face Super Triple Coin and Spectacular.

The two DVDs included contain many illusion coin magic routines and plenty of close-up coin magic routines. Those are the routines that make this set even better. Magicians will be able to perform multiple high class coin magic tricks with (Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin, up to 100 tricks and more. Only one’s imagination is the limit.

You definitely will love this set if you are the fan of Johnny Wong’s coin magic.

2 DVDs with instruction demo contains routines listed below:

  • Johnny Wong’s illusion routine
  • One Coin routine
  • 3 Fly Routine. (No shells used)
  • Appearance & Vanish of Three Coins
  • Visually Appearance of Four Coins
  • One at a time Matrix
  • Plus other possible routines with these powerful coins!
  • Special Chinese Coin thru glass table
  • Coin thru glass cup
  • Quick thru any glass
  • Chinese Coin thru audience hand then drop cup
  • Coin quick hand to hand
  • Unique 2 Coin movement
  • Appear 3 Chinese Coins then change into a half Dollar
  • 3 Coins fly into glass cup

Ideas by Johnny Wong include:

  • ( DFSTC ) “special gimmicks”
  • Old Chinese Copper Coin
  • 9 Chinese Coin stickers
  • 2 instructional DVDs

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