TALISMAN by Laurent Villiger


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Talisman is an original gimmick that will boost your creativity and trigger the spectator’s curiosity!

You can use it as a pendant around your neck like a talisman with magical powers, or as a car remote control.

In both cases, you will have a formidable weapon to reveal the chosen card.

Here is one of Laurent’s favorite routines:

Gambling Keys:

You entrust your car keys (remote control) to the hands of the spectator. He’ll choose a card and put it back in the game. You bet that you will find his card with a single cut. If the card isn’t the right one, he keeps your car keys, otherwise you get your keys back. After that you make your best flourish to reveal a card which is unfortunately not the right one. The spectator will be pleased thinking he has won the game.

Guess how amazed he’ll be when he will open his hands to discover your heart-shaped car remote control with the number 10 engraved.

Other ideas are also mentioned with the object as a Talisman + a bonus to go even further.

If we had to sum up Talisman in 2 words: Simple and effective.

Strong points:

  • Very easy to do
  • The magic happens in the hands of the spectator
  • Instant reset

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